Faculty Governance

CLAS Manual of Procedure (rules of Collegiate governance)
CLAS Faculty Elections
CLAS Strategic Plan, 2011-2015

Elected CLAS Governance Bodies

CLAS Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee 

CLAS Graduate Educational Policy Committee

CLAS Executive Committee

CLAS Faculty Assembly

Appointed CLAS Governance Bodies

Collegiate Committee on Faculty Promotion and Tenure
Interdepartmental Studies Faculty Advisory Committee
General Education Curriculum Committee
Information Technologies Committee
Scholarship Committee
Student Academic Standards Committee
Teaching Awards Committee
International Studies Advisory Board Committee

Departmental Manuals of Operations and Procedures

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Other UI Governance Bodies

Graduate Council—The "executive committee" of the graduate college. It includes CLAS faculty as collegiate representatives and at-large members.
Faculty Senate—A University-wide body composed of eighty-four elected representatives.