CLAS Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (UEPCC) meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters. The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Cornelia Lang, serves as chair.

Committee duties and composition are discussed in the CLAS Manual of Procedure, Article VI. The committee is composed of nine elected members with three members representing each of the three electoral groups. Terms last for three years, with one third of the committee elected each year. A student member is appointed by the Dean or Associate Dean on the basis of nominations from one or more appropriate student groups and organizations. The student is a full member of the committee.

One member serves as the secretary for the committee each semester and is the liaison to the Faculty Assembly Agenda Committee but is not an attending member of the Assembly. A second member serves on the General Education Curriculum Committee; GECC makes recommendations to UEPCC and to the Associate Dean on General Education issues, including proposals for course GE status and on GE course reviews.

The minutes and the current agenda are available below once approved. For archived minutes, Comments or agenda items may be directed to any committee member or to the Associate Dean.

UEPCC Membership for Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Chair of UEPCC

Melissa Bates, Associate Professor, Health and Human Physiology (May 2025*)

Jill Beckman, Associate Professor, Linguistics (May 2025*)

Asha Bhandary, Associate Professor, Philosophy (May 2025*)

Roxanna Curto, Professor, French and Italian (May 2023*)

Alan Huckleberry, Professor, School of Music (May 2023*)

Erin Irish, Associate Professor, Biology (May 2023*)

Cinda Coggins Mosher, Associate Professor of Instruction, Rhetoric (May 2024*) 

Christine Shea, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese (May 2024*)

Jan Wessel, Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences (May 2024*)

Jenna Yang, CLAS Undergraduate Representative

*Date indicates end of three-year term

Minutes are published here and via the faculty list-serv once approved by the committee.

Approved Minutes Fall 2022
August 25
September 1
September 8
September 15
September 22
September 29
October 6
October 20
November 3
November 10
November 17
December 1

Approved Minutes Spring 2023

March 9

March 2
February 23
February 16
February 2
January 26