CLAS Graduate Educational Policy Committee

The Graduate Educational Policy Committee (GEPC) meets on a regular basis during the semester.  The Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Christine Getz, serves as chair.

Committee duties and composition are discussed in the CLAS Manual of Procedure, Article VIII.  The committee will be composed of six members elected by the faculty.  One member shall be elected from each of the four CLAS Electoral Voting Groups. Two faculty members shall be elected by faculty At Large, but there may be no more that two faculty members from any one Electoral Voting Group.  A graduate student member is appointed by the Dean or Associate Dean on the basis of nominations from one or more appropriate student groups and organizations.  The student is a full member of the committee.  The Dean of the Graduate College shall identify an Associate Dean of the Graduate College who will serve as an ex officio member of the CLAS Graduate Policy Committee.

2021-22 GEPC Membership

Jennifer Buckley, Associate Professor, English (May 2024)                                

Jodie Plumert, Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences (May 2024)

David Puderbaugh, Associate Professor, Music (May 2021)

David Bennett, Professor, Geographical & Sustainability Sciences (May 2022)

Fred Boehmke, Professor, Political Science (May 2022)

Maurine Neiman, Associate Professor, Biology (May 2022)

Nicole States, PhD Candidate, Chemistry (May 2022)