Proposing a Course for GE CLAS Core Status

Faculty members from any UI college are invited to participate in the CLAS Core by submitting proposals for GE status for courses with their administrative home in the instructor's college. 


The committee accepts proposals from all CLAS departments or programs and from any of the UI colleges and is especially eager to receive proposals for the Sustainability GE requirement.

During the fall semester, GE CLAS Core proposals are due by September 3. Spring proposals are due by January 16. Late proposals may be submitted, and the committee makes every effort to review each proposal during the semester it is received. If proposals are received substantially after the deadline, they are held for the following semester. Information about the current members of the committee is available on this page. The committee does not meet in the summer or over winter break and generally begins meeting in fall or spring by the second week of the semester. 

Please read the appropriate checklist below.

Guidelines: Sustainability Proposals

  • See this essential background information about the GE CLAS Core Sustainability requirement before writing the proposal.
  • See these specific guidelines for writing a GE CLAS Core Sustainability proposal. For all other GE proposals, follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines: All Proposals Except for Sustainability

If you have questions, please confer with Kathryn Hall or with Cornelia Lang, GECC Chair .