Proposing a Course for GE CLAS Core Status

Generally, courses are taught at least once before they are proposed for GE CLAS Core status because of the detailed information needed by the General Education Curriculum Committee that reviews these proposals.

Exceptions are made for courses proposed for the new Diversity and Inclusion requirement area. Exceptions are also made if the required materials, including a detailed syllabus with a calendar of specific due dates, assignments, and other materials, can be created without first offering the course.

Additional policies may be found at this link. Proposals not meeting these policies are not approved.

Proposals must also show that the course is appropriate for inclusion in the program. The course must use the required course attributes that define the program and must also show that the course assignments and structure align with and support all outcomes.

Please read this page about the program's goals, required course attributes, and its specific comprehensive and requirement area outcomes before writing the proposal. 

This checklist gives the required components for a proposal. Please follow this checklist closely or proposals will be returned for revision.

GE courses are officially assessed every four to five years.

Please contact Kathryn Hall, 120 Schaeffer Hall, to discuss questions related to CLAS Core status and the proposal process.