Proposing a Course for GE CLAS Core Status

Proposals may be submitted in either the fall or spring semester, with a due date of August 21 or January 16 (i.e., the first day of the fall or spring semester). The committee makes every effort to make a decision on each proposal during the semester it is received. Any remaining proposals will be held for the following semester. 

Additional General Education policies may be found at this link. For example, all GE courses must be numbered below 3000 and are only approved for one GE area. A course with GE status applying to move to the new Diversity and Inclusion area must be renumbered and given a new title to reflect the changes made in the course to meet the Diversity and Inclusion outcomes.  Exceptions are not made to this policy.

Please confer with Kathryn Hall on proposal deadlines or related matters.

  • This checklist gives the required components for the proposal and information on the approval process. Please follow this checklist closely.
  • Before writing the proposal, please read about the General Education CLAS Core, including its policies, the required course attributes, and the comprehensive and area outcomes so that the proposal addresses related requirements.
  • The proposal must give evidence that the course provides opportunities for students to master the GE comprehensive outcomes and the GE area outcomes while employing the required course attributes.
  • GE courses are assessed every four to five years with the expectation that faculty and departments are continually assessing all GE courses.
  • ACE evaluations have special questions addressing the GE outcomes of each GE area.