Proposing a Course for GE CLAS Core Status

During the fall semester, proposals are due by September 15, with proposals placed on the agenda in the order they arrive. The committee is happy to accept late proposals but cannot guarantee they will be discussed in the fall semester; the committee does, however, make every effort to make a decision on each proposal during the semester it is received. Any remaining proposals will be discussed in spring. Please confer with Kathryn Hall on when you proposal might be ready if not completed by September 15. Spring proposals are due by February 15, with the same guidelines concerning the due date applying.

Generally, courses are taught at least once before they are proposed for GE CLAS Core status because of the detailed information needed by the General Education Curriculum Committee that reviews these proposals.

  • Exceptions are made for courses proposed for the new Diversity and Inclusion requirement area. 
  • Exceptions are also made if the required materials for the proposal, including a detailed syllabus with a calendar of specific due dates, assignments, and other materials, can be created without first offering the course. Most instructors prefer to offer the course before proposing GE status.

Additional policies may be found at this link. For example, note that GE courses must be numbered below 3000 since they are intended to help students new to college-level academics to make the transition to UI and CLAS. (If a course will be renumbered after receiving GE status, be sure to include that new number in the proposal.) Additionally, keep in mind that GE CLAS Core courses are only approved for one GE area.

  • This checklist gives the required components for the proposal as well as due dates and information on the approval process. Please follow this checklist closely.
  • Please read about the program's goals, the required course attributes, and the comprehensive and area outcomes before writing the proposal since there must be evidence within the proposal that the course meets these and shows an awareness of the GE learning outcomes while employing the required course attributes.
  • GE courses are officially assessed every four to five years with the expectation that faculty and departments are continually assessing all GE courses. ACE evaluations have special questions addressing the GE outcomes of each GE area.

Please contact Kathryn Hall, 120 Schaeffer Hall, to discuss questions related to CLAS Core status and the proposal process.