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Understanding Iowa Research Online: The UI Institutional Repository

What happens to an undergraduate thesis or project after it has been completed and graded? Students and the faculty mentor may decide to give permission to have the thesis or project added to Iowa Research Online, a repository of work produced at UI by students and faculty, with the site provided as a service by the UI Libraries. 

Iowa Research Online allows public access to the posted materials, with people in Iowa, the United States, and from around the world able to read and download a thesis or other project. Since 2016, there have been over 55,000 downloads of this undergraduate work, with this number increasing on a daily basis.

Students will want to add their work to this site not only in order to share it with others but also to preserve it for years to come, adding to the knowledge and creative works produced at UI.

Please follow these guidelines; more specific information on this process is in the next section.

  1. Both the student and the faculty thesis advisor must give permission for this intellectual property to be shared and made public at Iowa Research Online (IRO) by using the required Submission Agreement Form. 
  2. The deadline to submit the required Submission Agreement Form is always the Wednesday of Final Examination Week at 11:59 p.m.
  3. The student must write an abstract (no more than four hundred words) and must upload the abstract and the completed thesis to IRO.

Steps for Adding a Thesis or Project to Iowa Research Online

  • The student and the faculty thesis advisor who is overseeing the student's work for the thesis or related project must agree that this work should be made public through the Iowa Research Online site (IRO).
  • After the student and the faculty advisor have agreed about this decision, the student should submit the Submission Agreement Form, below. The deadline for submission is always Wednesday of Final Examination Week at 11:59 p.m.
  • The form is sent from the student, showing the student's approval of the publication of the thesis at IRO, and is automatically routed to the faculty thesis advisor via email at the uiowa.edu address. The faculty thesis advisor must approve this form in order to indicate agreement about posting this work at IRO.
  • As soon as the faculty thesis advisor approves the form, it is automatically routed to the departmental Honors advisor who helps to coordinate Honors in the Major for the department offering the student's major. The departmental Honors advisor must also approve this form.
  • Next, the form is routed to its final destination, the CLAS Undergraduate Programs and Student Development Office in 120 Schaeffer Hall. 
  • The academic advisor of the related major and the student will be able to view the form and print a copy if needed. In some cases, the student and advisor might prefer to use a paper copy for the faculty thesis advisor and departmental Honors advisor to sign. In this case, a paper copy should be signed the student and both of these advisors, scanned, and emailed to clasp@uiowa.edu with the subject heading of Honors in the Major. 
  • Once the form has been submitted, the student may upload the abstract and the thesis at the IRO site. Please note that the student will have to create an account first at the site and will need to answer a series of questions, including the title of the thesis, major, and the type of degree (such as BA or BS) before uploading the documents.
  • Note that uploading the abstract and the thesis or other project to the IRO is the student's responsibility.
  • A thesis or project will not be visible at Iowa Research Online unless the required submission form has been submitted by the student and approved by the faculty thesis advisor and by the departmental Honors advisor. 
  • The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will complete the publication of the thesis with its abstract once the submission form has been approved and has completed its routing. If the student has not submitted the Submission Agreement Form or if it has not been approved by the faculty thesis advisor and the departmental Honors advisor, the thesis or project will not be visible at the Iowa Research Online (IRO). When the form is received, CLAS will complete the posting of the materials to the IRO, so that they can be viewed and downloaded by the public.

Submission Agreement Form

Do not submit the above form unless you have read the information on this page and you and your faculty mentor have already discussed and agreed to the publication of the work at Iowa Research Online.
Deadline to Submit this Form: Wednesday of Final Examination Week at 11:59 p.m.

Once the student has submitted the above form, the thesis and abstract should be uploaded to the IRO by the student; the abstract and thesis will not be visible to the public until CLAS receives the Submission Agree Form and completes the publication process.

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