Jazz Up that GE Course: CLAS Grants

Are you interested in updating one of the General Education courses that you frequently teach?

Perhaps you have planned to add visual learning aids to your lectures, such as videos or photographs, or maybe you want to enhance sections with engaged learning activities, but just haven't had the time to organize these changes.

Perhaps there is one concept in the course students always struggle with that could be highlighted through the use of a supplemental online module and related assignments.

Perhaps you have always wanted to create study aids for an exam or maybe you have wanted to enhance the students' ability to remember key vocabulary words through some interactive online assignment or game.

How would you like to jazz up your GE course?

Professional course developers in the Division of Continuing Education or in the Center for Teaching can help, with CLAS supplying funding to compensate for some of your time.

Funding will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis. The current funding availability will expire at the end of Spring 2018 or as soon as all of the funds are awarded.

Let's talk. Contact kathryn-hall@uiowa.edu with your questions and ideas.