Honors in the Major

Honors in the Major: CLAS

Undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have the opportunity to graduate with Honors in the Major, with related honors projects ranging from research in a UI lab to a theatrical or musical performance or from a thesis on a theme, topic, or special interest of the student to the completion of a volume of poetry, for example. 

CLAS undergraduates earning Honors in the Major must maintain a minimum cumulative University of Iowa GPA of at least 3.33. Other requirements for earning Honors in the Major are set by the department or program offering the major, with most also requiring a minimum major GPA, honors related courses, and a special project.  Specific requirements may be found in the General Catalog under the chapter related to the  major and its requirements. (See the Honors tab on the program of study page.) Most departments and programs also have these requirements on the departmental or program website; links to these websites by major are included on the contact page for the Faculty Honors in the Major Advisor.

Undergraduates wishing to learn more about Honors in CLAS should meet with the Faculty Honors in the Major Advisor as soon as possible to discuss requirements, experiences, and projects of interest to the student.

Students who have earned Honors in the Major will see this achievement added to the Commencement Program and announced at the graduation ceremony; the designation is also noted on the transcript and diploma.

Honors in the Major and the University of Iowa Honors Program

CLAS students earning Honors in the Major are never required to be members of the University Honors Program; however, some students earn both University Honors and Honors in the Major. The UI Honors Program allows undergraduates to complete Honors in the Major for the 12 s.h experiential learning requirement for UI Honors.

Each student's goals and needs  are unique and all students are strongly encouraged to talk with advisors and mentors who can support the student's individual choice about how to pursue honors opportunities at the University of Iowa.

Honors Contract Courses

An honors contract allows an undergraduate to earn honors credit for a course that can be applied to honors requirements even if the course is not formally designated as an Honors offering.

The student works directly with the instructor of the course, with the student proposing an additional project to be completed during the student's enrollment in the course. Before requesting an honors contract for a non-honors course, the student must meet with the Honors in the Major advisor to see if the course will count toward the Honors in the Major requirements. If the honors contract course will be used for UI Honors requirements, that program must also approve the contract.

Please see this page for more specific information on honors contract courses.

Application for Graduation 

Students graduating with Honors in the Major must apply for the degree during the semester in which all requirements will be met. 

  • Students must meet with their professional advisor before completing a degree application to ensure appropriate timing for completing all requirements. The professional advisor and the faculty honors mentor both must be kept aware of your progress as you complete the requirements for Honors in the Major.

Students must also make sure that any related thesis or project is submitted to the instructor grading the project as soon as possible in the semester of graduation. Verification of this project or thesis and its grading must be completed before Honors in the Major can be awarded.

  • The student is responsible for making sure the project or thesis is completed in ample time to be graded and verified for the award of Honors in the Major.

Students should discuss these procedures with their professional advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and with the faculty mentor overseeing the final Honors in the Major project or thesis.

Students apply for degree via the MyUI student portal during the semester of completion of all requirements for the degree and for Honors in the Major. A Degree Application must be filed for a student to be considered eligible for the degree. The University of Iowa does not confer degrees without a complete application. Visit the Registrar's page for more information on the application for graduation and related questions.

Submission of the Honors Thesis

Students who are completing Honors in the Major as a component for the University Honors experiential learning requirement must use the UI Honors thesis submission form and follow its submission instructions.

Students not earning University Honors but earning Honors in the Major and completing a written thesis or other written project should also submit this work using the above form.

Please check with with the Faculty Honors Advisor or with the professional advisor in the major for related procedures about submission of the thesis. All completed theses and written projects, after approval from the related faculty member, are submitted to the University of Iowa library archive unless an exception is requested.