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COVID-19 Temporary Policies and Procedures

COVID-19 Temporary Policies and Procedures: Undergraduate Instruction for Spring 2020 - The policies and procedures at this link supersede any regular policies or procedures when a conflict among them occurs.

Topics covered include (links under construction)
Students Technological or Financial Support
Class Schedules: Synchronous and Asynchronous
Syllabus Updates
SDS Accommodations
Advice and Guidelines For Undergraduate Online Behavior
Student P/N Choice: Spring 2020 Policy
Concerns about P/N Grading
P/N: General Q and A for Undergraduates
The Importance of Professional Academic Advising in the P/N Decision
Honors in the Major 
Additional Changes in Undergraduate Policies
Faculty Illness and Emergencies
Handling Student Illnesses or Emergencies
When to Give an Incomplete
Final Exams
Academic Misconduct
Ace Evaluations and Assessment (coming soon)
Summer Courses Including Study Abroad
Integrity Pledges: Samples
Incomplete Contracts: Samples

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