DUS Responsibilities

Departments or programs generally delegate the duties below to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). However, these responsibilities and how they are delegated by a department or program also depend on the number of students and faculty in the area. Some of these activities might be completed by Chair of the department, for example, and in other cases might be irrelevant.

The list below is provided only as a guideline, with the understanding that each academic area manages responsibilities in a way that works best for its students, faculty, and staff.

Curricular Matters

  • Chairs the curriculum or undergraduate program committee
  • Proposes changes to the requirements for the undergraduate programs of study administered by the department or program, helping to keep programs updated and responsive to student needs
  • Oversees related updates to the General Catalog
  • Oversees implementation of proposed undergraduate changes that have been approved by the College (i.e., that website is updated; electronic signage is updated; advising informed; and related publicity handled, for example)
  • Reviews Catalog and MyUI schedule of course descriptions and remind faculty to update these as needed
  • Brings issues of pedagogy and best practices and/or related workshops, grants, or UI activities to the attention of the faculty
  • Handles enrollment-management issues
  • Updates the College on related curricular planning issues and ideas
  • Monitors high rates of DFW grades in gateway courses

General Education (GE) and Oversight of Related Service Courses

  • Oversees General Education (GE) CLAS Core courses and other service courses, mentoring instructors and helping them to understand obligations and challenges related to these particular courses
  • Suggests and advises on faculty proposals for GE status for departmental courses
  • Encourages involvement with the Center for Teaching and/or with the Division of Online Education about the redesign of essential GE gateway courses, helping to keep these updated and fresh for entering students
  • Seeks funding for course redesign

Compliance Issues

  • Coordinates assessment of the undergraduate major or majors
  • Reviews new or revised syllabi for undergraduate courses
  • Oversees enhancement of classroom experiences for students while raising related issues in pedagogy and best practices in faculty meetings or in other ways
  • Reminds faculty of early textbook ordering policy and syllabus attachment requirement
  • Reminds instructors of undergraduate academic misconduct reporting policies, sanctions, and the importance of reporting

Student Related Needs

  • Advises undergraduate students as needed and/or works with area's professional academic advisor on related advising approaches and issues
  • Authorizes petitions for exceptions and substitutions for requirements of the programs of study with their administrative home in the department or program and submits these to the Registrar’s office
  • Reviews student requests to evaluate transfer credit to apply for the major, minor, or certificate offered by the department or program
  • Reviews student requests for study abroad credit to apply to the programs of study offered by the unit
  • Appoints honor thesis committees in consultation with the thesis advisor and the student or works with any new Honors in the Major faculty advisor as needed
  • Informs faculty of updated information and student opportunities or support from CLAS Undergraduate Programs, the Academic Advising Center, University Honors, the Career Center, the office of Supplemental Instruction/Tutoring, or other offices that support students and faculty

Engagement and Outreach Activities

  • Encourages undergraduates to participate in conferences or to publish
  • Works on departmental graduation ceremonies or celebrations
  • Helps with outreach activities, such as involvement in community events,  performances and other activities, such as on-campus fairs or open houses
  • Leads related activities on scholarships and awards for undergraduates
  • Encourages undergraduates to participate in research, conferences, and publication
  • Meets with students referred by Admissions or otherwise works with Admissions on related questions and events
  • Helps with alumni outreach, including newsletters and surveys
  • Delegates the organization of panels or workshops on graduate school preparation/choices/opportunities and/or on careers related to major
  • Delegates student club activities