GE CLAS Core courses are assessed generally on a four to five year cycle by the CLAS GE Curriculum Committee using an collaborative approach with departments and instructors assessing the courses.

The first goal of this assessment is to discover if students are achieving the intended outcomes of the GE CLAS Core requirements and to discuss what might help students to better achieve these outcomes. The assessment is thus more about the CLAS Core requirements than about the specific disciplinary content of the course. The assessment is not an evaluation of the instructor but of student learning related to the GE outcomes.

The second purpose of this assessment is to help educate instructors and the UI community on the goals of the program and to discuss and revise learning outcomes. The assessment procedures allow a dialog to occur among participants which can result in focused conversations about teaching and student success or about related topics such as finding a researching/teaching balance through innovative and creative teaching strategies.

In this sense, the assessment process is meant to generate a sense of community related to teaching undergraduate students and a valuable discussions about teaching and learning.

Departments and instructors are notified of the assessment in the semester before the assessment process occurs. The department is asked to choose a selection of GE CLAS Core courses to assess, with instructors assessing the courses during the semester in which they are taught and submitting the results to the GE Curriculum Committee by the beginning of the following semester.

For the assessment, instructors follow the guidelines provided by the College or as created by the department in question in collaboration with the College, such as in this sample.  GE CLAS Core instructors are invited to meet with the committee to discuss assessment findings or the process, and instructors are also asked to consider updates to related GE area outcomes, as needed. Some funding is available for the redesign of courses or components of them at the conclusion of the assessment.

At the end of the assessment, the General Education Curriculum Committee makes general and specific recommendations to the Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (UEPCC) concerning the GE outcomes and the description of the area under review.

Questions about assessment policies and procedures may be addressed to Kathryn Hall.