Honors Contract Courses

Honors Contract
An honors contract allows an undergraduate to earn honors credit for a non-honors course. The student works directly with the instructor of the course, proposing an additional project to be completed during the student's enrollment in the course. ​Before requesting an Honors Contract for a non-honors course, the student must meet with the Honors Advisor to see if the course will count toward  Honors in the Major requirements. If the Honors Contract course will be used for UI Honors requirements, that program must also approve the contract.

Student Responsibilities for Honors Contact
Students  using this form must comply with and understand the following terms of an honors contract:

  1. The student must talk with the instructor as soon as possible about the ability to create an honors contract for the course.

  2. The contract must be approved by the instructor of the related course; instructors have the right to decline a contract request.

  3. The student may not contract a course that already offers an honors section (unless there is a serious scheduling conflict that cannot be resolved).

  4. Only one contracted class can count towards the University Honors coursework requirement. For requirements for CLAS Honors in the Major, please consult with the the advisor in the related major.

  5. The project description must provide a clear distinction between honors contract work and the work otherwise required for the course.

  6. The student must submit the required form through MyUI to earn honors credit.

  7. The student is strongly advised to meet with the instructor supporting the contract and to fill out the form together to ensure agreement of details and its speedy approval by the instructor.

  8. The student must earn a B- or better in the class. Contracted courses taken for CLAS Honors in the Major are noted on the transcript by the addition of the letters HC (Honors Contract); UI Honors noted as H.

  9. The course may only be graded on the A-F scale (i.e., cannot be graded as P/N, S/U, or S/F).
  10. The timeline for completion of the project must be explicit.

  11.  The project must be graded S/U and is not allowed to affect the final grade for the rest of the student's work for the course.

  12.  Contracts that do not meet the above criteria may be voided.

  13.  The Honors Contract form is available as soon as a semester begins. The form at MyUI under Student Information > Courses & Grades. It may also be found at https://apps.its.uiowa.edu/forms/honors

  14. The form closes on the Friday of the sixth week of the semester, the deadline for all contract requests. (See below for more information).

How to Submit an Honors Contract Form: Deadline and Procedures
Students may submit an Honors Contract form as soon as the fall, spring, or summer semester begins. (Honor Contracts are not accepted in winter sessions).

The deadline for submitting an Honors Contract is the same deadline as the Fall and Spring deadline for the degree application. Deadlines for summer contracts are: 

4 -week session: Friday of the first week of classes

6-week session:  Friday of the second week of classes 

8-week session: Friday of the third week of classes

12-week session: Friday of the fourth week of classes

For example in Fall 2018, the deadline for the application for the degree is Friday, September 28. In Spring 2022, the degree application deadline is Friday, February 25. This deadline occurs on Friday of the sixth week of classes and may be found on the Registrar's academic calendar by looking up the degree application deadline for that semester.

Late Submission of Contract
Follow the instructions on this attached form if the online Honors Contract form is not working or if there is another legitimate reason for missing the deadline for submission of the Honors Contract Form. Please follow the attached instructions.