CLAS Standing (Appointed) Committees — Scholarship Committee

The CLAS Scholarship Committee advises the Dean on awards made from the College's General Scholarship Fund and from various gifts. The College's Manual of Policy and Procedure, section X.6, describes the Scholarship Committee and its duties in more detail.

The Scholarship Committee is chaired by Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. 

Appointed members are:

CLAS Standing (Appointed) Committees — Scholarship Committee
Name Title/Department Term End

Christopher Stipp

Associate Professor, Biology

Spring 2025

Hao Fang Associate Professor, Mathematics Spring 2024
Thorsten Rudroff Associate Professor, Health and Human Physiology Spring 2024
Shawn Goodman Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders Fall 2024
Paul Windschitl Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences Fall 2024
Newell Ann Van Auken Lecturer, Asian and Slavic Languages and Literature Fall 2024
Julianna Pacheco Associate Professor, Political Science Fall 2024
Kristy Hartsgrove-Mooers Lecturer, Theatre Arts Fall 2025

Kyle McEvilly, CLAS-UP, administrative support (fall)

Maureen O'Neill, CLAS-UP, administrative support (spring)