CLAS Standing (Appointed) Committees — Scholarship Committee

The CLAS Scholarship Committee advises the Dean on awards made from the College's General Scholarship Fund and from various gifts. The College's Manual of Procedure, section 31, describes the Scholarship Committee and its duties in more detail.

The Scholarship Committee is chaired by Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum. 

Appointed members for 2012-13 are:

Name Department Term Ends
Alison J. Bianchi Sociology 2013
Eric Gidal English 2014
Alan Huckleberry Music 2013
Erin Irish Biology 2014
Michael Moore History 2013
Aaron Stump Computer Science 2014
Helena Dettmer CLAS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum ex officio

Diane Hauser (Office of the Dean) staffs the CLAS Scholarship Committee.