CLAS Standing (Appointed) Committees — Interdepartmental Studies Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee oversees the College's BA Program in Interdepartmental Studies. The College's Manual of Procedure, section 33, describes the Advisory Committee and its duties.

The chair is the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum.

Current members are:

Name Department Term
Art Spisak Honors Program 2015-2018
Warren Darling Health & Human Physiology 2014–2017
Jill Beckman Linguistics 2013–2016
Michael Teague Health & Human Physiology 2014–2017
Rosemarie Scullion French & Italian 2014–2017
Vicki Vavra Tippie College of Business 2013-2016

Andy Tinkham (Interdepartmental Studies) staffs the Advisory Committee.