General Education Curriculum Committee

The General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) is appointed by the Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (UEPCC) to oversee the GE CLAS Core. Ordinarily, members serve for three consecutive years with a student member serving for one year.  

The committee works closely with UEPCC to establish procedures for the approval of General Education status for existing courses; to establish procedures for the five-year assessment of courses with approved GE status; to overview that assessment conducted by instructors, and to advise the College and UEPCC on General Education issues. The College's Manual of Procedure (Article X) describes the General Education Curriculum Committee and its duties in more detail.

Information for faculty members about the GE CLAS Core is available on the Faculty CLAS pages.

GECC Membership for Fall 2022-Spring 2023

  • Chair, Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, CLAS, and Professor, Physics and Astronomy  
  • David Bennett, Professor and DEO, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences (May 2023*)

  • Monica Correia, Professor, School of Art and Art History (May 2025*)

  • Andrew Forbes, Associate Professor, Biology, and Director, Environmental Sciences Program (not available Fall 2022) (May 2024*)

  • Connor French, CLAS Undergraduate Student Representative (May 2023*)

  • Anna Newnum, Senior Academic Advisor, CLAS (May 2023*)

  • Jennifer Sterling, Lecturer, American Studies (May 2024*)

  • LeDon Sweeney, Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center (May 2023*)

  • Debra Trusty, Lecturer, Classics (May 2023*)

  • Ion "Bodi" Vasi, Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminology (May 2025*)

  • Katlyn Williams, Lecturer, Rhetoric (May 2025*)

Questions about GECC and the General Education CLAS Core may be addressed to the Committee Chair Cornelia Lang or to Jennifer Eimers.

*Indicates end of term.