Not sure where to turn? Your academic advisor can help. 

Academic advisors work with students, faculty, departments, colleges, and partners across campus to support your success. Your advisor will give you expert guidance and advice tailored to your department and major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Your advisor is embedded in your department and will help connect you with faculty, the college,  resources, and experiences across campus to help you meet your goals as a student and prepare you to take your next step after graduation.

Create your path. Stay on track.

Your advisor will change as your needs change and your academic goals become clearer. Learn what you can expect as you move through academic advising at the University of Iowa.

Advisor Anna Gaw works with a student

Academic guides

Your advisor will help you explore your academic goals and how to achieve them.
  • Course planning and registration
  • Monitor major and degree progress
  • Create a graduation plan
  • Navigate university policies and procedures
An advisor works with a CLAS undergraduate student

Expert connectors

Seeking a unique academic experience? Your advisor can help.
  • Research and honors information
  • Experiential learning and internships 
  • Study abroad information 
  • Leadership and engagement opportunities
Kaylyn Connolly works with a CLAS student

Problem solvers

If you're navigating a challenge and aren't sure where to turn your advisor can refer you.
  • Supplemental instruction and tutoring
  • Mental health support 
  • Basic needs assistance 
  • Campus and community resources

When you meet with your advisor you will:

  • Bring and ask questions
  • Learn to understand your degree audit
  • Discuss course registration 
  • Create a graduation plan
  • Talk through challenges
  • Explore campus resources, experiential learning, and engagement opportunities 
  • Learn to take responsibility for your academic goals

Schedule an appointment

Meet with your advisor to start or continue the conversation about your goals. You can find them and schedule in MyUI. 

Your advising path

Most first-year undergraduate students are advised by the University of Iowa's Academic Advising Center (ACC). After declaring a major and reaching 30 semester hours or more, your advisor will transfer into the college so our team of experts can better serve you on the specifics of your major. This typically happens after your first semester or going into your second year. 

Depending on the department associated with your major, your advising path may look different. 

Advising in your major

Follow the timeline to understand what you can expect as you move through your path at the University of Iowa.

  • Academic Advising Center

    First-year students, and undeclared majors

    First-year students and open majors are advised in the university’s Academic Advising Center (AAC). Once you've declared a major and reached 30 semester hours, you'll be reassigned to an advisor in your major. Students who do not declare a major will remain in the AAC. Once you reach 60 hours, you will be required to select a major. 

  • Advising in your major

    After you declare a major and reach 30 hours

    You’ll be assigned an advisor in CLAS who is connected to your declared major. This typically happens after your first semester or when you have completed 30 semester hours. All second-year CLAS students are advised in their department by a professional academic advisor. Visit MyUI to learn who your advisor is and schedule time with them. 

  • Establishing a relationship with your CLAS advisor(s)

    CLAS second-year students

    As a second-year student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you are required to meet with your advisor for registration authorization and work together to build your educational plan.

    If you have more than one advisor, you’ll work with the advisor for your primary major for registration authorization, but your entire advising team will work with you to help you reach your goals.

  • Stay connected with your CLAS advisor

    CLAS students third-year and greater

    In many departments, third and fourth-year students are also required to meet with an advisor for registration authorization. In some departments, you will transition to a faculty advisor who has even more expertise in your area of interest. Either way, you are encouraged to continue working with your advisor throughout your education at Iowa.

  • Graduation

    Reaching graduation is a goal we have in common. An academic advisor will be with you every step of the way. 


If you have questions, we have answers. Contact the team of advisors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or visit MyUI to find your advisor and reach out to them directly.