How advising works between your major and the college

Your advisor will change as your needs change and your academic goals become clearer. Wherever you are in your academic journey, you will have an expert by your side every step of the way from day one through graduation. 

Depending on the department associated with your major, your advising path may look different. Be sure to visit MyUI to learn who your advisor is and to schedule an appointment.

You'll be advised in one of two ways:

CLAS academic advisors

A professional staff advisor is assigned as the primary advisor for all majors in the department from your second year through graduation. Faculty mentors may assist students who are interested in specific courses, graduate programs, and research.

CLAS advisor + faculty advisor

A professional staff advisor is the primary advisor for second-year students only. After that, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the major for primary advising. Your staff advisor will still be there to answer your questions about CLAS Core courses, college policies, and locating resources on campus.

How does advising work in my major?

Each department in the college approaches academic advising a little bit differently. If you have questions, visit MyUI to learn who your advisor is and to schedule time with them. You can also visit the department website for your major to learn more.

Advising in other colleges

Colleges outside of CLAS offer their own advising services. Students who are admitted to other colleges or have questions about the application and advising process for non-CLAS colleges should contact: