Earning a degree in CLAS

In order to graduate, every undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must earn a baccalaureate degree. The four CLAS undergraduate degree possibilities are:

  • Bachelor of arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of science (BS)
  • Bachelor of music (BM)
  • Bachelor of fine arts (BFA)

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What's required to earn a degree in CLAS?

Your degree has three components that must be completed: 

Ready to graduate?

Graduation involves applying for your degree, completing your degree audit, conferral of your degree, and receiving your diploma. 

Graduation checklist

Distinction and honors

Did you know you can graduate with special academic recognition? The University of Iowa also offers an Honors Program for qualified students and most CLAS departments provide students the opportunity to graduate with honors in the major. 

Understanding your classification

Did you know your classification as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, is not determined by your year in school, but by the number of semester hours you’ve taken? 

Already have a degree?

If you already have a bachelor's degree and are looking to earn another you can.

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