Find your place and passion in CLAS

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to about 70 majors and 75 minors, ranging from natural, quantitative, and social sciences to writing, the humanities, and the arts.

Our comprehensive array of academic programs means boundless opportunities for immersive learning, creative work, and research, and you can pursue more than one major so that you can study what you are most interested in and passionate about.

Explore our areas of study and discover the many paths you can take only in CLAS.


A liberal arts and sciences education offers more than career readiness—it equips you to lead a fulfilling life. 

This is your gateway to endless possibilities.

Areas of study in CLAS

jazz combo performance

Visual and performing arts

The arts are a big part of the Iowa experience. Whether you’re interested in studio art, cinema, dance, music, or theatre, we have something for you. 

Enterprise Leadership elevator pitch class students discussing

Business, economics, and entrepreneurialism

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Does problem solving, leading, and communicating interest you? If so, this area of study may be perfect for you. 

HHP lab in hospital

Health sciences

Hands-on is more than an expression but the normal research institution like Iowa. Here you can look under microscopes in a lab and also work and volunteer in nearby clinics.

social justice class

Language, culture, and society

Understanding how our global society works is important. Study another language or learn to understand culture, religion, and identity. 

exercise science

Helping careers

Does the idea of providing services in counseling, health, and wellness, or the justice system inspire you? If so, this area might be for you. 

Biology student in  lab

Math, quantitative, and natural sciences

Do you enjoy using numbers and science to understand the world? There are many opportunities for you in CLAS.

hawkeye caucus day

Social sciences and policy

Are you a policy wonk? Do you want to change the world through legislating, lawmaking, planning, and advocacy? This area may be for you.

classroom discussion of scripts

Writing, communications, and literature

Iowa is ‘the writing university’ for good reason. Here, you'll be part of a world-renowned literary community. 

Endless opportunities–explore your options

With nearly 40 departments offering about 70 majors there is a home for you in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. As the academic core of this university, we offer a variety of options from STEM and the social sciences to writing, the humanities, and the arts. You'll find what fulfills you here. 

General Education is core to CLAS

A student in hawkeye gear working hard at studying

The CLAS Core

The CLAS Core, the college's General Education curriculum, ensures that when you enter your major and later take your degree into the world, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

General Education REquirements

Academic excellence

Programs and recognition

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the University of Iowa offer a variety of opportunities for high-achieving students to challenge themselves academically. Students are recognized each semester and at commencement for their accomplishments. 

Forms and certifications

Get what you need and keep going.

Whether you need to drop a course late or withdraw, there are a variety of academic forms you may need. Additionally, we offer instructions for verifications, transcripts, and certification from the Dean.

Academic Policies Handbook

Official policy for all CLAS students.

The college's academic policies handbook describes the policies that apply to undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Ready to start?

Accept your admission and start your academic journey in CLAS. No matter which of our 70 majors you choose—you'll graduate ready for your next step.