If you pursue a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) you must select a major and complete at least 120 semester hours of coursework to graduate. 

Your major is your primary area of focus. Some majors offer one degree, while others offer multiple degree types. The degree you pursue will determine how much coursework you want to do in your major, how many electives you are interested in taking, and if you want to add additional majors, minors, and certificates. 

Across our nearly 70 majors, you can select the following degrees: 

Did you know?

  • Nearly a quarter of all CLAS graduates earn a second major, minor, or certificate 
  • Students who choose majors that they love graduate with higher grade point averages

Bachelor of Arts

The most common degree awarded from CLAS is the BA degree. If you desire considerable knowledge in your major with the flexibility to choose more electives and potentially add a second major, minor, or certificate—this is a great option for you.

Bachelor of Science

A BS degree is the option if you are looking for additional in-depth training in your area of study. This is especially helpful if you plan to pursue graduate work in the field, although a BS is typically not required for graduate study at most research universities.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

If you want to major in art or dance, you have the option to pursue a BA or BFA degree. For both of these majors, the BFA requires a studio discipline to be selected. This will give you a hands-on academic experience related to your art form. 

Bachelor of Music

If you want to major in music can choose to earn a BA or BM degree. The BM offers a more concentrated study in composition, music therapy, and performance. It is also ideal for students seeking a license in music education.

Minors and certificates

Minors and certificates are an excellent way to broaden your undergraduate experience and education. 

They can be related or completely independent of your major. 

  • Minors include courses from one department
  • Certificates include courses across multiple areas


Minors are an optional addition to a degree that may complement your major or reflect an interest that is totally independent of your major, but still important to you. Adding a minor to your academic plan is a fantastic way to personalize your academic experience.

Minors generally require 15-16 semester hours. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers more than 70 minors.


Certificates are another option to add to your degree. These may complement or be independent of your major and will likely broaden your opportunities for employment post-graduation. These are interdisciplinary, meaning you will study across departments and programs. 

Certificates require approximately 18-20 semester hours, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 16 of them.