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As the Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities, I direct faculty recruitment as well as faculty reviews in these areas of CLAS. I also collaborate with the other associate deans to implement the college's strategic plan as it pertains to the arts and humanities. In this process, I seek opportunities to learn more about faculty scholarship and teaching and student success to support high-impact creative and scholarly activities in the college. As home to world-class programs and initiatives in artistic creation and humanistic research, our college carries forward a proud tradition within a vibrant atmosphere of free inquiry and groundbreaking authorship of ideas. It is truly an honor to support this wide-ranging academic mission, in an era in which we will do nothing short of reinventing the intellectual life of academic institutions for a changing world. 

Portrait of Roland Racevskis, PhD

Roland Racevskis, PhD

Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities

Scholarship and creativity thrive across the arts and humanities at Iowa