Academic Probation

CLAS students are expected to meet academic standards set by the College and to demonstrate reasonable progress toward a degree. To be considered in good academic standing, you must earn a minimum University of Iowa Cumulative GPA, a minimum Overall Cumulative GPA, and a minimum University of Iowa Term GPA (see below). If your GPA is below that required for good academic standing, you are placed on academic probation. Probation serves as a warning that unless your academic performance improves you may be dismissed from the College and may not graduate.

To be in good standing, students must achieve the following minimum grade point averages:

Required University of Iowa Cumulative GPA and Overall Cumulative GPA, based on total hours earned:

Required University of Iowa Cumulative GPA and Overall Cumulative GPA, based on total hours earned
Hours GPA
0-29 overall earned semester hours 1.85
30 or more overall earned semester hours 2.00
non-degree students 2.00


Required University of Iowa Term GPA:
Effective spring 2014, a student must earn a UI Term grade point average of 1.50 or higher during any spring, summer or fall enrollment.

Please note: Marks of Incomplete (I) cannot be used in calculating the UI Term GPA.

If a student does not meet all of the above GPA conditions, the student is on academic probation.

See also: Dismissal from the College, Reinstatement, and Restart.

Notification and records

If you are placed or continued on academic probation, you will be notified in the following ways:

  • All students on academic probation will receive an MyUI notification immediately after grades are posted for each session.
  • If you are placed on probation, the Registrar will mark your record with the notation "On Academic Probation - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences." This notation will appear on your grade report in MyUI after semester grades are reported. The notation will remain until you achieve good standing.
  • If you are continued on academic probation, you will receive an email from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education following an academic standards review approximately two weeks after the end of the fall or spring semester. The email will be sent to your University of Iowa email address.
  • Students who are continued on academic probation by earning a 2.00 or higher UI Term GPA may not be making adequate progress towards graduation. Students on academic probation are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor and/or with an academic staff member in CLAS Undergraduate Programs each semester.

Resources for students on academic probation

  • Academic Probation Meeting. All students on academic probation are encouraged to meet with an academic staff member in CLAS Undergraduate Programs to discuss issues including circumstances that affected your academic success, and strategies to improve academic success such as time management, effective decision-making, study skills, use of campus resources, dropping courses and using the second-grade-only option as ways to manage your GPA. Academic staff members meet with students on probation beginning in the third week of the spring or fall semester. Schedule an appointment on MyUI (choose "College Office" then "College of Liberal Arts and Sciences") or by calling 319-335-2633. 
  • CLAS:1800 The Art of Active Learning. Case studies, individual assessments, video, class discussions, and short readings to encourage understanding of academic standards and active engagement in the learning process; examination of behaviors, study skills, habits, and attitudes that can affect success in the classroom and in life.
  • CSI:1500 College Success Seminar. This spring course is available to first-year students who were admitted in the fall and placed on academic probation at the end of the fall semester. This one semester hour course helps student gain skills, habits and attitudes essential for college success, and introduces students to campus resources.
  • CSI:1550 Strategies for Academic Success. A course offered to second-year students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who are on academic probation, similar to the College Success Seminar that offered for first-year students, with the focus being skill development and making changes. Eligible students are sent an invitation by email and letter.