Office Directory

Helena Dettmer

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum, and the Humanities

  • Undergraduate curriculum
  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Undergraduate teaching and advising
  • Probation, dismissal, misconduct, grievances
  • Student success and retention

Peter Hubbard

Senior Director, Academic Standards, CLAS

  • Probation and dismissal
  • Undergraduate records
  • FERPA issues and ADA compliance
  • Student behavioral issues
  • Academic standards

Kathryn Hall

Senior Director, Curriculum & Academic Policy, CLAS

  • Teaching policies and procedures
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • General Education Program and GE Curriculum Committee (GECC)
  • Undergraduate academic misconduct
  • Complaints against faculty
  • Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (UEPCC)
  • Catalog and course approval

Diane Hauser

Director, Academic Advising, CLAS

  • Undergraduate advising
  • Early Intervention Team
  • CLAS scholarships

Jennifer Bertrand

Senior Associate Director, CLAS

  • Probation and dismissal
  • Credit by examination
  • Faculty Assembly
  • International Business Certificate
  • Phi Beta Kappa

Monica Madura

Senior Associate Director, CLAS

  • Probation and dismissal
  • Student success and graduation initiatives
  • Transfer student experience
  • CLAS scholarships

Amy Korthank

Associate Director, Student Professional Development, CLAS

  • Probation and dismissal
  • First- and second- year experience
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Dean's certification forms

Jennifer Eimers

Associate Director, Diversity & Inclusion, CLAS

  • Probation and dismissal
  • International student experience
  • Committee on Diversity

Elizabeth Tjaden

Associate Director, Student Recruitment, CLAS

  • Admissions liaison
  • Student recruitment
  • CLAS student ambassadors

Daniel Khalastchi

Director, Frank N. Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing

  • Certificate in Writing
  • Living-Learning Community liaison
  • Writing Commons course

Karmen Berger

Senior Academic Advisor and Coordinator

  • Coordinator of International Studies major
  • Academic advisor for International Studies, Global Health Studies, Latin American Studies

Andrew Tinkham

Academic Advisor and Coordinator

  • Coordinator of Interdepartmental Studies
  • Academic advisor for self-defined major, Interdepartmental Studies

Allison Rockwell

Administrative Services Specialist

  • Administrative support for Division of Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Appointments for International Studies, Interdepartmental Studies, and Writing Certificate
  • Special projects

Amanda Jensen

Administrative Services Coordinator

  • Student services
  • Special projects

Adam Jaschen

Administrative Services Coordinator

  • Student services
  • Scheduling for Associate Dean Dettmer
  • Special projects