Mathematics Incentive Program (MIP)

The Mathematics Incentive Program (MIP) enables entering CLAS students to earn extra college credit. Students who wish to earn MIP credit must take the Advanced Math Placement Test (formerly known as the MPT Level 3 exam) for math placement. A score of 15 or higher on the Advanced Math Placement Test places a student into MIP-eligible coursework.

Students who complete a MIP-eligible Calculus II course, for example MATH:1860 Calculus II, with a grade of B or higher earn 4 s.h. of credit for the prerequisite course. The credit is ungraded but counts toward the hours required for graduation. MIP credit is counted as UI and CLAS residence credit.

To apply for MIP credit for a current or past semester, email CLAS Undergraduate Programs, Be sure to include your full name and University ID number.

Please note the additional MIP policies:

  • If you have Advanced Placement credit for Calculus AB or BC, you are not eligible for the Mathematics Incentive Program.
  • If you took calculus before attending the University of Iowa and received college credit for the course, you are not eligible for MIP credit.
  • You are eligible for incentive credit only during your first and second registrations at the University of Iowa and only for the first mathematics course you take.
  • The first mathematics course you take must be a Calculus II course. Please note that MATH:1550 Engineering Math I: Single Variable Calculus is a Calculus I course and therefore is not a MIP-eligible course.
  • You should consult with your advisor and the Department of Mathematics for help choosing an appropriate MIP course. It is especially important that students with CLEP or IB credit in mathematics consult their advisors, the Department of Mathematics, or the professional staff in the CLAS Undergraduate Programs before registering for a MIP-eligible course.
  • If you were previously enrolled in an incentive course and failed to earn a B, or if you enrolled in but dropped an MIP-eligible course after the second week of the semester, you cannot earn MIP credit in a subsequent semester.

For more information, consult CLAS Undergraduate Programs, or 319-335-2633.