CLAS doctoral students invited to apply for graduate assistantships

Doctoral students in years one through four are eligible to apply.
Friday, February 3, 2023

A graphic promoting CLAS graduate assistantships

Graduate students pursuing a doctorate in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can apply for one of five graduate assistantships in the areas of writing, editing, community engagement, and performing arts marketing and communication. 

The positions are part of a five-year pilot project that provides CLAS doctoral students with unique opportunities to gain diverse experience in outreach, engagement, and writing that will benefit career preparation.  

Kelley Withers
Kelley Withers

"Knowing how to translate your fundamental research into something you can share with the community that isn’t complex or hard to digest is important—previously, I wasn’t really thinking about that, but now I feel more confident to use that skill in my own work.” 

Kelley Withers
PhD student, Biology 
Community engagement assistantship, Iowa Sciences Academy  

"I worked closely with the Magid Center staff to make sure (outreach, promotional, and newsletter) work is clean and polished. This experience has increased my skills and allowed me to get more in tune with general audience writing.” 

Adare Smith
Alyssa D. “Adare” Smith

Alyssa D. “Adare” Smith
PhD student, English 
Writing research assistantship, Magid Center for Writing 

"It was nice to have an editing assistantship after a teaching assistantship—this is an important skill set. In academia, you’re teaching, but also working in research and publishing.” 

Cody Norling
Cody Norling 

Cody Norling 
PhD student, Musicology 
Editing research assistantship, Dance Research Journal 

For summer 2023, CLAS will award the following assistantships: 

For academic year 2023-24, CLAS will award the following assistantships: 

All positions are 50 percent effort, or 20 hours per week. Current students in years one through four of a PhD in addition to a DMA, or AuD degree program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply. 

Online applications must be submitted by Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023

For questions, please email

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