CLAS Student Ambassadors

CLAS Ambassadors of the College Experience

CLAS ambassadors are current Iowa students who are enthusiastic about their college experiences and want to share their enthusiasm with others.   Ambassadors help the College recruit prospective students, welcome transfer students during orientation sessions and help new students get acquainted with their major and department. 

Ambassadors learn about the University and College during weekly seminars throughout the year.  They receive training on how to talk to prospective students and families, whether in small groups or before a large audience.  We want ambassadors to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and expertise in being a student. 

Ambassador activities include:

  • Give tours of department facilities
  • Meet with prospective students and their families
  • Follow-up postcards/phone calls
  • Participate in visit day student panels and presentations
  • Represent department at Major Fair for visit day events
  • On-call for unexpected student visits
  • Meet with new transfer students during orientation
  • Mentor transfer students during their first semester at the UI
  • Attend a weekly seminar
  • Brainstorm new initiatives in order to reach potential

What attributes make a good ambassador?

  • Campus and community involvement
  • Enthusiastic about CLAS and your major
  • Being articulate
  • Enjoy talking to groups
  • Pursuit of double majors, minors or certificates

We typically recruit new ambassadors each spring.  The application is now available online and will also include an in-person interview.  Please indicate in your application whether you are interested in summer, fall/spring or both.  Apply now! 

For more information, contact Kyle McEvilly ( or 319-335-2633.

To apply to become a future CLAS Student Ambassador, please fill out the Student Ambassador Application Form.