Dean’s Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

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​The Dean's Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) is headed by Associate Dean Cornelia Lang. This student-led committee helps the College to understand the needs of students and how to assist them. The committee meets with a large number of significant faculty/staff all across campus.

Issues discussed fall within the following topics:

  • Academic policies
  • Degree requirements
  • Advising opportunities
  • Course availability
  • Internship experiences
  • Recruitment activities 

Some of the past issues we have targeted include, but are not limited to:

  • Modifying the required Rhetoric course (to only Accelerated Rhetoric)
  • Addressing maximum # of finals in one day
  • Noting the use of ACE Forms & how to publicize results
  • Inputting improvements to the Main Library
  • Discussing additions to Living Learning Communities
  • Adding ideas to the development of the new MyUI
  • Updating the CLAS Academic Code of Honesty
  • Offering student perspectives to faculty-headed operations across campus

DSAC members raise concerns for discussion and action, ranging from degree requirements and advising to research opportunities and internships. Our current projects include:

  • Creating a monthly newsletter for all CLAS undergraduate students.
  • Forming a major-specific ambassador/mentorship program
  • Assisting with college recruitment activities 
  • Creating a course to assist CLAS students interested in going to graduate school

The committee meets monthly during the academic year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact DSAC at or contacting CLAS Undergraduate Programs at

The 2022-2023 Executive Team:

  1. President: TBD
  2. Vice President: TBD
  3. Secretary: TBD


  1. Research:  
    • Members: 

    • The research committee strives to seek out areas of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that need improvement of some level. These areas or issues that are stumbled upon should be projects DSAC can complete which better CLAS for students, faculty, and the Hawkeye community. The projects are generally thought of by committee members as they run into things around campus; however, projects are not limited to personal experiences. We have discussions with other students across campus, make use of surveys to gage student body opinions, and meet with faculty from across campus. This subcommittee’s goal is to improve CLAS for everyone and ensure an engaging and responsive College.  

  2. Recruitment: 
    • Members:

    • Our subcommittee leads recruitment efforts for the Dean's Student Advisory Committee. During the Fall and Spring, we send out an email to eligible undergraduate students. Members of the recruitment subcommittee interview and discuss applicants, ensuring that DSAC remains an inclusive, diverse, and representative advisory committee to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Members can expect to be busy for 2-3 weeks during the semester, when interviews and reading of applications take place.

  3. Relations: 
    • Members: 

    • We work to actively establish and maintain working relationships between University students, colleges, departments, and programs. Additionally, we strive to foster good relationships among local, state, and national officials, including the University and its affiliates. We also, assist in coordination between parties on various DSAC initiatives.

  4. Reach:  
    • Members: 

    • The Reach Committee's objective is to seek out new opportunities that DSAC can get involved with, both around campus and around the Iowa City community. Past projects include pitching in at recruiting events and speaking to classes about their academic experience; currently we are working on a major-specific mentor program.

Current Active Members: 2022-2023


* The statements, expressed opinions and links displayed on the CLAS Dean’s Student Advisory Committee web pages are generated and posted by the student members of the CLAS Dean’s Student Advisory Committee. No official endorsement or approval by the University of Iowa of the viewpoints expressed on this web page or any of the student organization activities described on this web page should be inferred. The activities and events of this student organization are not necessarily sponsored or approved by the University of Iowa.