Faculty Appointments & Review — Confidential Evaluation by DCG Members of Candidate

Under the University/Collegiate Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Decision-making (I.H.4) the Procedures for Clinical-track Promotion (I.I.4), and Procedures for Instructional Track Promotion, a member of the Departmental Consulting Group may submit a confidential evaluation to the DEO. The College welcomes these evaluations, although they are optional. This evaluation will be appended to the summary report of the DCG's discussion and vote, and it will be transmitted to the Dean’s Office as part of the Promotion Record. Eligible faculty may use the form below for their confidential comments, if they wish.

Confidential Evaluation by DCG Members - for Tenure-track and Clinical-track Promotion

Confidential Evaluation by DCG Members - for Instructional-track Promotion