Teaching Policies & Resources — Class Disruptions

Disruptive Behavior

Students who are physically or verbally disruptive in class may be dealt with summarily by the instructor or referred to the Dean of Students, 135 IMU (319-335-1162). The instructor reports in writing to the Dean of Students any disciplinary action undertaken against a student. (See the Code of Student Life, "Interference with University Operations.")

If a student's behavior is violently disruptive, an instructor may wish to call the Department of Public Safety for assistance (319-335-5022).

Sickness in Class

If a student becomes ill in class and requires emergency attention, the instructor should call 911 for an ambulance. If the situation is not an emergency, the student should be assisted to call the Student Health Nurseline at 319-335-9704 for guidance. The student should not be taken to Student Health without first calling. After calling Nurseline, the student should see if they can enlist a classmate/roommate/ friend to provide transportation home or to a medical clinic/emergency room. The Department of Public Safety (319-335-5022) may be able to assist with transportation if they have available staff and the transport meets criteria (student cannot be bleeding, must be able to walk to the vehicle on their own, and be free of obvious symptoms of COVID-19).


The policy of the University's Facilities Management office is to stop construction immediately when the work disturbs an examination in progress. The instructor in charge of an examination should promptly report such problems to FM@YourService (319-335-5071) or to the construction workers, asking them to contact their supervisor.

If construction noise is disturbing class activities during a semester, or if on-going construction projects are disrupting class activity in any way, please contact the Classroom Scheduling at 319-335-1243.