Comprehensive Learning Outcomes

General Education courses enable the student’s growth in the specific areas below, with the responsibility for reaching these outcomes shared by students, instructors, and CLAS administration.

  1. Students become more aware of the learning process since GE courses discuss what students are learning, why, and how it is being learned, the various ways it relates to other knowledge presented in the course, and resources students might want to use.
  2. Students have a better understanding of the ways that learning can transform the individual and motivate change within society.
  3. Students practice and improve the following specific skills, methods, and modes of inquiry:
  • Students use the skills, methods, and modes of inquiry central to the area of study represented by the course and by its GE status area within the GE program.
  • Students think critically, using analysis, deduction, inference and/or other analytical strategies to complete assignments and other course activities.
  • Students write and speak informally and/or formally about matters related to the course, while also using other methods of communication appropriate to the course content.

Specific GE area outcomes (such as Diversity and Inclusion) may be found at this page.