CLAS Standing (Appointed) Committees — General Education Curriculum Committee

The General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) is appointed by the Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (UEPCC). Ordinarily, members serve for three consecutive years with a student member serving for one year. A member of UEPCC, the Academic Advising Center, and the Office of Study Abroad are invited each year to serve on GECC in order to enhance communication about General Education across offices and to invite a wide perspective about course choices in the program.

The committee works closely with UEPCC to establish procedures for the approval of General Education status for existing courses; to establish procedures for the five-year assessment of courses with approved GE status; to overview that assessment conducted by instructors, and to advise the College and UEPCC on General Education issues. The College's Manual of Procedure, section 26, describes the General Education Curriculum Committee and its duties in more detail.

Proposals for General Education status are due by September 15.

Procedures for the five-year assessment of courses with approved GE status and for proposing General Education status for a course are available at the General Education Program site.

Current Members of GECC

  • Alexander Bare, Student (May 2018)
  • Eloy Barragan, Dance (May 2019)
  • Brian Corkery, Academic Advising Center 
  • Oguz Durumeric, Mathematics (May 2018)
  • Matthew Gilchrist, Rhetoric (May 2018)
  • Kerby Boschee, International Programs 
  • Cornelia Lang, Physics and Astronomy, Chair of GECC and UEPCC liaison for 2017-2018 (May 2019)
  • Michael Moore, History (May 2019)

Questions about GECC and the General Education Program may be addressed to Kathryn Hall.