Student Technology Fees

In the spring of 2022, the College’s Information Technologies Committee will consider proposals to create, maintain and improve collegiate instructional technology resources to be funded through 2022-2023 (or FY23) student technology fees. The committee is soliciting a broad range of proposals including requests to renew or revitalize existing technology, or to establish new initiatives in educational technology.

Any academic unit in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences may submit proposals. Units with needs that can be effectively met in shared use facilities are encouraged to submit cooperative proposals. Single units may submit more than one proposal (including one-time or recurring projects); multiple proposals must be prioritized by the DEO.

If applicants would like to request additional engagement from CLAS Project Management for STF proposal concepts, please contact Isaac Podolefsky.

Proposals to be considered for FY2023 must be submitted by Wednesday, February 02, 2022.


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Cover Sheet
Off-Cycle Cover Sheet
An example of an approved STF proposal can be found here.
View a list of proposals from FY15 to FY21
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Types of Proposals

One-Time Proposal
The most common and preferred type of proposal. This category will include project requests that can be completed within one funding cycle.

Recurring/Multiyear Proposal
This category will allow for departments with complex initiatives to submit proposals that will support technology resources for up to four years. The intent of this category is to support the operation, maintenance and refresh of longer-range pedagogical concepts. This will allow the College to identify local strategic direction for future funding opportunities.

All requests must include a clear explanation of the role of the technology in teaching, including the specific courses that will use the resources and the enrollments in these courses.

Off-Cycle Funding Requests:
Requests for funding after the fiscal year proposals submission window has closed are considered off-cycle requests.  These requests must meet the same requirements as all STF proposals with the addition of urgency.  In the off-cycle narrative, address why the funding is needed before the next fiscal year proposal submission window. 

Submit off-cycle requests to Jessica Yoder


Proposals are judged on the basis of four criteria:

  1. Impact on education and students
  2. Justification of need
  3. Expected utilization
  4. DEO endorsement


  • Complete a cover sheet.
  • Please include the following information in the order listed and submit it as one Word or PDF document:
    • Cover Sheet
    • Narrative (2 pages max)
    • Budget
    • Budget Justification
    • Installation & Management Plan
    • DEO Endorsement