About Us: CLAS Technology Services

Beginning in 1995, the College of Liberal Arts employed staff to assist departmental faculty and staff in their use of computing technology for their administrative and instructional needs. While increased use of computing technologies, including e-mail, the Internet, electronic forms, and the like, represent opportunity for enhanced productivity and communication, it also presents the challenge of increasing the complexity of day-to-day work. The increasing number of technology positions at the College is evidence of this environmental shift.  View the TS Staff directory

Below is an outline of our expectations for the support provided by our Computing Consultants. Please feel free to contact Lance Bolton if there are issues that you feel are not described adequately here. (Please keep in mind that this will always be a work-in-progress and is revised periodically, as the need arises.)

What We Do

  • Work with faculty & staff on the selection of new PC/Mac systems
  • Support faculty & staff PC/Mac systems in UI main campus offices 
    —Troubleshoot and repair hardware 
    —Troubleshoot and assist with software for Windows & Mac systems
  • Support standard applications: Internet browsers, Microsoft Office365 (incl. Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Access)
  • Install and support faculty/staff office computers, including data and application migration to new systems
  • Record and verify computer asset placement to facilitate collegiate replacement of aged systems
  • Coordinate support calls with ITS Help Desk (4-4357)
  • Support college-funded Instructional Computing Facilities where present (not ITC labs)
  • Administer user training 
    —Informal one-on-one user training (new users, computers, tools, etc.)
    —Periodic topical user meetings and seminars
    —CLAS Technology Services e-mail announcements

As time permits, we

  • Support other, department-specific software
  • Install & support computers in the offices of teaching and research assistants

Special Notes

  • We do not troubleshoot personally-owned computers or provide support for home networks

CLAS Technology Services Staff Directory

View CLAS Technology Services Organizational Chart

Name Email Phone Office
Scott Allendorf, Senior Systems Administrator scott-allendorf@uiowa.edu 319-335-0003 303A MLH
Brian Bacher, IT Support Consultant brian-bacher@uiowa.edu 319-335-1512 303A MLH
Mark Bennett, Senior Application Developer mark-bennett@uiowa.edu 319-384-1843 21 SH
Erik Billeci, IT Support Consultant erik-billeci@uiowa.edu 319-335-0140 38 BB
Lance Bolton, Senior Director of IT lance-bolton@uiowa.edu 319-335-3554 38 MH
Matthew Brockman, Senior Systems Administrator matthew-brockman@uiowa.edu 319-335-2730 303A MLH
Nick Carino-Marek, Senior IT Support Consultant nicholas-carino-marek@uiowa.edu   319-335-0163 232 JH
Bradley Carson, Senior Systems Administrator bradley-carson@uiowa.edu 319-353-2243 303A MLH
Michael Ciha, IT Support Analyst michael-ciha@uiowa.edu 319-384-4204 E127 CB
Aran Cox, Senior Systems Administrator aran-cox@uiowa.edu 319-335-0747 303A MLH
Mike Cranston, Creative Media Developer michael-cranston@uiowa.edu 319-467-4779 21 SH
Andrew Evans, Senior IT Support Consultant andrew-evans@uiowa.edu 319-384-2959 E149 VAB
Peter Franke, IT Support Consultant peter-franke@uiowa.edu 319-335-1471 E127 CB
Mark Fullenkamp, Senior Application Developer mark-fullenkamp@uiowa.edu 319-353-2341 21 SH
Rachel Gold, Application Developer rachel-gold@uiowa.edu 319-335-3240 38 BB
Jennifer Graham, Application Developer jennifer-l-arnold@uiowa.edu 319-335-1703 38 MH
Ryan Hallock, IT Support Analyst ryan-hallock@uiowa.edu 319-335-3744 210A VAN
Mike Hendrickson, Mac Systems Administrator mike-hendrickson@uiowa.edu 319-335-2768 E326 AJB
David Henson, IT Support Consultant david-henson@uiowa.edu 319-335-0140 38 BB
Hans Hoerschelman, Lead Application Developer hans-hoerschelman@uiowa.edu 319-335-0132 38 MH
Dan Holstad, Senior Systems Administrator dan-holstad@uiowa.edu 319-335-0748 303A MLH
Griffin Idleman, IT Support Consultant griffin-idleman@uiowa.edu 319335-5543 350 ABW
Josh Johnson, IT Support Consultant joshua-johnson@uiowa.edu 319-335-8858 115 SHC

Liz Montag, IT Support Analyst

elizabeth-montag@uiowa.edu 319-467-3978 623 PH
Dallas Petersen, IT Support Analyst dallas-petersen@uiowa.edu 319-467-3989 228 SH
Trent Petersen, Senior IT Support Consultant trenten-petersen@uiowa.edu 319-353-3616 G14 SLP
Isaac Podolefsky, Project Manager isaac-podolefsky@uiowa.edu 319-384-1942 228 SH
Bryan Ringen, IT Support Consultant bryan-ringen@uiowa.edu 319-335-0149 E127 CB
Adam Skibbe, Systems Administrator adam-skibbe@uiowa.edu 319-335-0157 316 JH
Jenifer Steil, IT Director jenifer-steil@uiowa.edu 319-384-1913 38 MH
Terry Tharp, IT Support Consultant terry-tharp@uiowa.edu 319-467-1173 209 MH
Kris Thompson, IT Support Consultant kris-thompson@uiowa.edu 319-335-3744 210A VAN
JJ Urich, Director Research, Unix Systems & Infrastructure joseph-urich@uiowa.edu 319-335-0750 303A MLH
John Winget, IT Support Consultant john-a-winget@uiowa.edu 319-335-1869 1212 VOX