CLAS Computer Replacement (CCR) and New Faculty Computers

The CLAS Computer Replacement (CCR) and Faculty Startup program has two purposes. First, it ensures our faculty and staff are working with current level computers that can be supported and managed according to CLAS standards and protocols. Additionally, it provides a supply of still-usable systems that can be reallocated as needed across the College, providing computer support for visiting faculty, instructors, and graduate assistants. This is why it is so important that the machines replaced under this program be available for reallocation. Once users have migrated to a new computer, the previous computer will be returned to the College. Upon request of the Department Administrator or DEO and approval by the Senior Director of CLAS Technology Services, replaced systems may be kept in the department.

Each year, following an analysis of computer inventory and budget resources, departments with users who are eligible for replacements are notified.

Who is eligible?

  • State-funded regular (tenured, tenure-track, or instructional track) faculty (.5 FTE minimum appointment)
  • State-funded regular P&S and merit staff (.5 FTE minimum appointment)
  • Information for any University-owned computer potentially eligible for replacement, including make and model, serial number and warranty expiration date, must be provided to the central office of CLAS Technology Services at
  • Users on phased retirement are typically not eligible for computer replacements
  • Exceptions to these allocation guidelines may be made on the basis of computer malfunction or exceptional computing needs

What is allocated?

In order to take advantage of quantity discounts and to improve user support, the College will replace computers with one of the standard desktop or laptop configurations. As noted above, in order to receive a new computer, faculty and staff must return their old computer to the College for reallocation.

System Options

Eligible faculty and staff may choose one of four standard Dell or Apple configurations, or contribute from departmental, research, or similar funds for the cost difference of a “standard plus” configuration (costs listed on system options page below).

View the standard hardware configurations.


We encourage departments to accept the standard PC or Apple computers to maximize the College’s support capabilities. For faculty and staff with unique requirements, funding up to $1,250 may be allocated from the Dean's Office to support these needs. The user's department will be responsible for funding additional costs over $1,250. Please note that CLAS funding for computers is contingent on the purchase of a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and the return of an older computer to the College. In the event a system is needed with different features than the standard options above, please contact Jessica Yoder at

Computers for New Faculty

The College will provide new tenure-track faculty and renewable lecturer positions a startup computer package including hardware and software. Please select one of the standard desktop or laptop computers included in the above link under System Options. Contact your departmental administrator with your selection. If you have questions regarding the computer specifications, or would like to discuss other computer options, please contact your CLAS Technology Services Consultant.