Departmental Assignments

Department IT Consultant
African American Studies Bob Irwin
American Sign Language (ASL) Matt Swanson
American Studies Bob Irwin
Anthropology Terry Tharp
Art and Art History (Art Building West) Phil Maul
Art and Art History (Studio Arts) Andrew Evans
Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures Matt Swanson
Biology Jon Yates 
Center for the Book (Grad College) Terry Tharp
Chemistry Michael CihaPeter Franke, Bryan Ringen
Cinematic Arts Mike Hendrickson
Classics Bob Irwin
Communication Sciences and Disorders Trent Petersen
Communication Studies Mike Hendrickson
Computer Science Brian Bacher
Creative Writing (Writers' Workshop) Bob Irwin
Dance John Winget
Dean's Office (Grad College) Ahmed Hassanein
Earth and Environmental Sciences Nick Carino-Marek
English Dianne Jones
English as a Second Language (ESL) Ahmed Hassanein
French and Italian Matt Swanson
Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies Bob Irwin
Geographical and Sustainability Sciences Nick Carino-Marek
German Matt Swanson
Health & Human Physiology Bryan Ringen
History Peter Franke
Interdisciplinary Grad Programs-BB (Grad College) Jon Yates
Interdisciplinary Grad Programs-MRC (Grad College) Trent Petersen
International Writing Program (Grad College) Bob Irwin
Journalism and Mass Communication Mike Hendrickson
Language Media Center Matt Swanson
Liberal Arts Administration Isaac Podolefsky
Linguistics Dianne Jones
Mathematics Brian Bacher
Music John Winget
Optical Science Technology Center (OSTC) Michael Ciha,  Peter Franke , Bryan Ringen
Performing Arts, Division of John Winget
Philosophy Dianne Jones
Physics & Astronomy Kris ThompsonDaniel Elder
Political Science Bob Irwin
Production Unit Mike Hendrickson
Psychological & Brain Sciences, Dept of Shawn Gelo 
Religious Studies Bryan Ringen
Rhetoric Dianne Jones
School of Library & Information Science (Grad College) Mike Hendrickson
Social Work Terry Tharp
Sociology Ahmed Hassanein
Spanish and Portuguese Matt Swanson
Statistics & Actuarial Science Brian Bacher
Theatre Arts Phil Maul
University of Iowa Press (Grad College) Phil Maul
Urban & Regional Planning (Grad College) Nick Carino-Marek
Virtual Writing University (Grad College) Kris Thompson
World Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Division of Matt Swanson