Help with choosing a major

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  • Seventy-five percent of all college students change their majors at least once during their college careers, resulting in additional coursework and delayed graduation.
  • Students who choose majors that they love graduate with higher grade point averages.

Finding the right major can take time and a willingness to try new classes and to talk to others in the discipline. A good place to start is with your advisor in the Academic Advising Center.  AAC advisors know about each major offered for undergraduates at The University of Iowa and can also refer you to experts in the field. Students no longer advised by the Center are welcome to use its Advisor on Call service.

Students in CLAS with a declared major in the College may visit 120 Schaeffer Hall to discuss questions related to a new major. We can review degree requirements, major requirements, time to graduation, and special application procedures as well as help you to consider your talents and your goals.

The  College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a one semester hour course, CLAS:1600 Life Design: Building Your Future that focuses on helping you to identify your talents and passions, find community, discover campus resources, and to cultivate relationships with mentors. These courses will help you learn how to use your undergraduate experience as a platform for professional and personal success. View the course website

Graduating seniors recognize the course and its  instructor, David Gould, as having a very  positive effect on their lives and for helping them to find a major and a future career path:

Hope Cullen: “This class helped us become better individuals, not in terms of how smart we were in relation to test grades, but to become better people equipped to handle the world and make a difference."

Kelly Drake: “After all the weeks of listening and discussing the design of life, I see my own life moving forward in a positive and exciting light, and the unpredictable nature that we all face is something I now behold as an exhilarating adventure.”

Jake Eikenberry: “To be honest I don’t think I really knew what happiness was until I took this class.” 

Alex Fippinger: “I now know that it's okay to ‘dream big,’ and by doing that I can someday be happy with my career. This class has given me a new optimism and a reason to believe in myself.”

Elise Goodman: "I had been wondering what I was even doing at Iowa, and after Life Design, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be."

Laura Seyfer: "You know that feeling you get after just having seen an Oscar-type good movie or that feeling you get after finishing a really great novel? Well I got that feeling every day after walking out of Life Design class.”