PTEAP 2017-18 Deadline: April 7

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Raúl Curto, Executive Associate Dean
RE: PTEAP 2017-18 Deadline: April 7

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PTEAP 2017-18 Deadline: April 7

In the October 29, 2015 DEO mailing we outlined the PTEA process that is due April 7, 2017.  Today’s message is to remind you of the changes the College has implemented.  As you know, PTEA is an on-line application maintained by the Office of the Provost.

As the Provost Office instructions indicate, “DEOs must confer with each tenured faculty member to agree on the faculty member's planned allocation of effort for 2017-2018. If a faculty member will be on leave, this conference should take place prior to departure if possible.” 

Rather than sending your departmental checklist, we will have you use the reports on the Provost WebPortal.  When your administrator has finished entering the PTEA information for your faculty, the next step is for the DEO to email the WebPortal “Departmental Summary Table” along with signed individualized portfolio for non-unit norm faculty to  by April 7, 2017.  Alternatively, a copy can be campus mailed to Carole Kern, CLAS Dean’s Office, 240 Schaeffer Hall.

We strongly encourage DEOs to have faculty members sign a document that you met with them, though we no longer require DEOs to submit it to CLAS.  In lieu of a signature the DEO may choose to collect an email from the faculty member to document their consent to the PTEA arrangement.

Here is a sample of the menu options on the Provost Office WebPortal highlighting the PDF reports the College does require. 

PTEAP Main Menu

PTEAP Departmental Summary Report

If for some reason your data needs to be changed after April 7, please work with our office to make the changes and submit a new report.