Departmental Executive Officers 2022–2023

Department DEO Office Phone
African American Studies Venise Berry, Chair 514 JB 5-0285
American Studies Thomas Oates, Interim Chair 728JB 5-0316
Anthropology Katina Lillios, Chair 127B MH 5-3023
Art and Art History Steve McGuire, Director  150D ABW 5-1376
Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures Yumiko Nishi, Interim Chair 663 PH 5-2159
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Kris DeMali, Interim Chair 4-470 BSB 5-7882
Biology Jodie Plumert, Interim Chair 143 BB 3-2969
Chemistry Len MacGillivray, Chair E331 CB 5-3504
Cinematic Arts Michael Cowan, Chair E210 AJB 5-0329
Classics Craig Gibson, Chair 203 JB 5-2324
Communication Sciences and Disorders Anu Subramanian, Interim Chair 120 SHC 5-8694
Communication Studies Kembrew McLeod, Chair 131 BCSB 3-2259
Computer Science Alberto Segre, Chair 14G MLH 5-1713
Creative Writing (Iowa Writers' Workshop) Sam Chang, Director 102 DH 5-0416
Dance Rebekah Kowal, Chair E114 HH 5-2180
Earth and Environmental Sciences David Peate, Chair 115C TH 5-0567
Economics David Cooper, Chair S220 PBB 5-0829
English Loren Glass, Chair 464 EPB 5-0446
French and Italian Roxanna Curto, Chair 422 PH 4-1940
Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies Hyaeweol Choi, Chair 420 JB 5-2164
Geographical and Sustainability Sciences David Bennett, Chair 306 JB 5-0158
German Glenn Ehrstine, Area Coordinator 111 PH 5-2276
Health and Human Physiology Gary Pierce, Chair 412 FH 5-9487
History Lisa Heineman, Interim Chair 280 SH 5-1945
Journalism and Mass Communication Melissa Tully, Interim Director E332 AJB 5-3356
Interdisciplinary Programs, Division of Cornelia Lang, Chair 120 SH 5-1945
Linguistics Sarah Fagan, Chair 463 PH 5-1085
Mathematics Weimin Han, Chair 14 MLH 5-0714
Microbiology Li Wu, Head 3-403B BSB 5-4087
Music Tammie Walker, Director 1400 VOX 5-1601
Performing Arts (see also, Dance, Music, Theatre Arts)      
Philosophy Greg Landini, Chair 268 EPB 5-0024
Physics and Astronomy Philip Kaaret, Chair 207 VAN 5-1688
Political Science Brian Lai, Chair 343 SH 5-2358
Psychological and Brain Sciences Mark Blumberg, Chair 378 PBSB 5-2405
Religious Studies Morten Schlütter, Chair 316 GILH 5-2165
Rhetoric Cinda Coggins Mosher, Interim Chair 174 GH 5-3786
Social Work Mercedes Bern-Klug, Director 308 NH 5-1265
Sociology and Criminology Mike Sauder, Chair 401 NH  
Spanish and Portuguese Amber Brian, Chair 457 PH 5-2231
Statistics and Actuarial Science Kung-Sik Chan, Chair 241 SH 5-2849
Theatre Arts Mary Beth Easley, Chair 136 TB 5-2406
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Division of Jill Beckman, Director 111 PH 5-2911