General Education: Call for General Education CLAS Core Course Proposals

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
RE: General Education: Call for General Education CLAS Core Course Proposals

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Call for General Education CLAS Core Proposals

CLAS encourages departments and programs to consider proposing new courses for the General Education (GE) CLAS Core program. Proposals are due twice a year (see below) and are considered for any area of the GE CLAS Core program. Proposals must show a thorough understanding of the outcomes of the GE CLAS Core program, outcomes for the individual GE area, GE course attributes, and GE instructor expectations.

All disciplines and departments are invited to apply, and other UI colleges also encouraged to participate.

  • Proposals are due by September 2, 2022, with any approved GE status applied for spring 2023 and onward.
  • The next due date for proposals is January 17, 2023.
  • Proposal requirements have recently been revised and are outlined here.
  • Proposals consist of the following components:
    • Cover Letter (1 page)
    • GE Student Learning and CLAS Core Area Learning Outcomes (2 pages)
    • GE Course Attributes and CLAS Core Instructor Expectations (2 pages)
    • Appendix, including Syllabus and Example Course Materials

CLAS Core GE Sustainability Requirement
CLAS undergraduate students who entered UI summer 2022 and after are held to the new GE CLAS Core requirement of Sustainability. Students taking a Sustainability GE CLAS Core course will complete both the GE requirement in Sustainability AND in a selected GE companion area. When writing a proposal for Sustainability, please choose one of the following approved GE companion areas: (1) Natural Sciences with or without Lab (NS, NSL), (2) Quantitative or Formal Reasoning (QFR), (3) Social Sciences (SS), (4) Historical Perspectives (HP), (5) International and Global Issues (IGI), (6) Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts (LVPA), or (7) Values and Culture (VC).

CLAS is especially interested in proposals for new courses in Sustainability and QFR, HP, IGI, LVPA, or VC.

Please get in touch with me ( and Jennifer Eimers ( to discuss possible ideas for new GE courses and with any questions about the approval process and related standards. Many thanks for your help and for your interest in developing and teaching courses for the GE CLAS Core.