Recently Concluded Departmental Reviews

After a review is submitted, the department or program is invited to respond to the review recommendations. The review concludes with the response of the Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Dean of the Graduate College to the review recommendations, prepared in consultation with the CLAS Executive Committee. After the Deans' response has been transmitted to the department or program, the review materials are public documents.

Department or Program Review Visit Review Committee
(Internal & External)
Status of Review
Linguistics Spring 2020 Kenneth De Jong, Indiana University
Susan Gass, Michigan State University
Gregory Landini, Philosophy, CLAS
Mary Trachsel, Rhetoric, CLAS
Concluded April 2021
Chemistry Spring 2020 John Fourkas, University of Maryland
Catherine Murphy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Roseanne Sension, University of Michigan
Keiko Kawamuro, Mathematics, CLAS
Bryan Phillips, Biology, CLAS
Concluded May 2021
Computer Science Spring 2020

Gurindar Sohi, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Steve Skiena, Stony Brook University
Rodica Curtu, Mathematics, CLAS
Greg Howes, Physics and Astronomy, CLAS

Concluded May 2021