Recently Concluded Departmental Reviews

After a review is submitted, the department or program is invited to respond to the review recommendations. The review concludes with the response of the Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Dean of the Graduate College to the review recommendations, prepared in consultation with the CLAS Executive Committee. After the Deans' response has been transmitted to the department or program, the review materials are public documents.

Department or Program Review Visit Review Committee
(Internal & External)
Status of Review
Communication Sciences and Disorders Fall 2021 Peggy Nelson, University of Minnesota
Mark DeRuiter, University of Pittsburg
Susan Wagner Cook, Psychological and Brain Sciences, CLAS
Matthew Hill, Anthropology, CLAS
Concluded May 2022
Physics and Astronomy Spring 2022 Jonathan Wurtele, University of California Berkeley
Jim Musser, Indiana University - Bloomington
Christian Binek, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ionut Chifan, Mathematics, CLAS
Sara Mason, Chemistry, CLAS
Concluded March 2023
Performing Arts Division Spring 2022 Charles O’Conner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Carmenita Higginbotham, Virginia Commonwealth University
Robert Ramirez, University of Texas at Austin
Brad Dicharry, Art and Art History, CLAS
Stephen Voyce, English, CLAS
Concluded September 2022
History Spring 2022 Maria Bucur-Deckard, Indiana University – Bloomington
Sarah Chambers, University of Minnesota
Alexei Tivanski, Chemistry, CLAS
Stephanie DiPietro, Sociology and Criminology, CLAS
Concluded March 2023

Statistics and Actuarial Science

Spring 2022 Kate Calder, University of Texas at Austin
Alicia Carriquiry, Iowa State University
Emiliano Valdez, University of Connecticut
Veena Prahlad, Biology, CLAS
Tianbao Yang, Computer Science, CLAS
Concluded March 2023