Proposals for Faculty Searches in 2019-20

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Joe Kearney, Interim Dean
RE: Proposals for Faculty Searches in 2019-20

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Proposals for new faculty searches (tenure-track and clinical-track) for 2019-20 are due to the College by February 20, 2019.  Proposals should be emailed to Brenda Gritsch ( Note: This year proposals will not need to be entered into MAX 2.0.

The College is asking departments to propose new faculty hires in strategic areas that promote prestigious scholarship, creative activity, and exceptional instruction. 

Proposals should reflect the position’s impact upon scholarly/creative work, undergraduate and graduate education, and where appropriate, the broader strengths and emerging areas in CLAS and the University.  Only one proposal per department will be considered except in special circumstances that require prior approval from the Dean.

The following items must be included in proposals.  Note:  Maximum page length for items #1-3 below:  1-3 pages per section; total document not to exceed 6 pages.  Please use 11 pt. font.

  1. Hiring Plan and Departmental Overview
    Provide a statement of departmental vision and a summary of recent progress, accomplishments, or initiatives (e.g., in scholarly/creative work, undergraduate education, and graduate education,).  Provide a prioritized three- to five-year faculty hiring plan and rationale for prioritization of this submission. 
  2. Search Proposals
    Faculty search proposals for 2019-20 should describe the position requested and give a rationale for the position based on the department’s hiring plan and its alignment with departmental, collegiate, and University strategic plans.  Proposals must use the form provided and contain the following sections (see the form linked here):
  • Position title and rank requested (with a justification if request is for rank other than assistant professor);
  • Position description
  • Scholarly/creative impact (Explanation of the area and its importance for the department, the discipline, and/or for cross-disciplinary work, and its potential for advancing knowledge, discovery, or creative activity).  CLAS strongly discourages search requests open as to area.
  • Impact on the undergraduate program and curriculum in the context of the discipline;
  • Impact on the graduate program and curriculum in the context of the discipline; and
  • Broader impact (e.g., through dissemination/application of knowledge; through public engagement or outreach; through broader participation of underrepresented groups; or through other ways of benefitting the public).
  1. Start-Up
    Identify the office and (if applicable), lab space as well as any start-up or renovation needs.  Use the appropriate Excel form available here.  One sheet is for the sciences and other departments where start-up is negotiated, and the other is for the arts, humanities, and other departments with standard start-up.
  2. Submission Guidelines
    Submit proposals as a single bookmarked pdf (as outlined below) to Brenda Gritsch.
  • PDF Bookmarks:
    • Dept. Faculty (N:\Accounting\Dept Name\FTE Summary\Dept Name FTE 18-19)*
    • Dept. Profile (N:\Accounting\Dept. Name\2018-2019 CLAS Reports\Dept. # Name AY18-19 Department Profile Stats.pdf)*
    • Dept. Research (N:\Accounting\Dept. Name\2018-2019 CLAS Reports\Dept. # Name AY18-19 Department Research.pdf)*
    • Hiring Plan_Dept Overview
    • Search Proposal
    • Start-up Estimate

Please address questions regarding this call for proposals to Dian Gottlob, Office of the Dean (335-2627,

*Data will be available December 1, 2018.