Proposals for Instructional-Track Faculty Lines

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Roland Racevskis, Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities, Maggy Tomova, Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences
RE: Proposals for Instructional-Track Faculty Lines

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Proposals for new instructional-track faculty searches for 2020-21 are due to the College by Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  Proposals should be emailed to Brenda Gritsch (

The College is asking departments to propose new instructional-track faculty hires in areas that focus on undergraduate education, with emphasis on the General Education Program and lower-level courses in the major. 

Proposals should be based on the projected long-term instructional need of the academic unit, the impact on the undergraduate program, the role of the new line in the undergraduate curriculum, and the impact of the new line on the distribution of tenure-track effort in the graduate program. Although most instructional-track lines are full-time, any percentage between 50% and 100% is permissible. Instructional-track lines should not be requested for short-term needs. 

The following items must be included in proposals

Part A: Hiring Plans/Strategic Plan Goals

  • Five-year hiring plan (1 page maximum)
  • Template 5 for the Strategic Planning Process (Goals) or Template 6 (if available)
  • An explanation of how the line proposed fits with the Strategic plan of the Department. (1 page maximum)

Part B: Search Proposal  (2 pages total)

  1. Position Title (Area) and Rank
  2. Position Description
  3. Impact on Undergraduate Education
  4. Impact on the needs for tenure-track faculty to support Graduate Education
  5. Please describe the strategies that will be taken to recruit a diverse pool of applicants.  What steps will be taken to reduce implicit bias in the interview process?
  6. (optional) Other considerations (interdisciplinary connections, engagement opportunities, etc.)

Part C: Salary Estimate Salary range for lecturer appointments. If the short list of the Department contains candidates who will be hired at a more senior level, the DEO should discuss the salary range with the appropriate Area Associate Dean.

Submission Guidelines

If submitting proposals for multiple lines, please rank your requests in order of priority.

Submit proposals as a single bookmarked pdf (as outlined below) to Brenda Gritsch.

  • PDF Bookmarks:
    • Dept. Faculty (N:\Accounting\Dept Name\FTE Summary\Dept Name FTE 19-20)
    • Dept. Profile (N:\Accounting\Dept. Name\2019-2020 CLAS Reports\Dept. # Name AY19-20 Department Profile Stats.pdf) (available approximately February 14)
    • Dept. Research (N:\Accounting\Dept. Name\2019-2020 CLAS Reports\Dept. # Name AY19-20 Department Research.pdf)
    • Hiring Plan_Strategic Plan Goals
    • Search Proposal
    • Salary Estimate

Please address questions regarding this call for proposals to Associate Dean Roland Racevskis or Associate Dean Maggy Tomova.