Administrative Manual — Special Recruitment Opportunities

Special Recruitment of Women and Minority Faculty

The College encourages departments to explore possibilities for adding members of underrepresented minority groups to the faculty. In fields where women are underrepresented, the College asks that departments be alert to opportunities for attracting outstanding women to the faculty.

If a department has located a prospective faculty member of very high caliber who would present an extraordinary opportunity to enhance diversity, the DEO contacts the area associate dean for permission to pursue the recruitment. The request is more likely to be approved if the candidate’s expertise is in an area that has a high priority in the department’s five-year hiring plan and if the department has a compelling need to enlarge its faculty. Each such request must also be considered in the context of searches already in progress in the College.

Start-up Estimates for New Faculty Positions

At the time the College authorizes recruitment for a new position, the Dean asks the DEO in the allocation letter to estimate the need for equipment, office, and lab space associated with the position and to identify the space in the department to be designated for this position. The Dean must approve the estimate before the requisition is submitted to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity office. The College expects no significant deviations from these estimates in the course of the search without prior approval.