Administrative Manual — Independent (Visiting) Scholar Status

Independent (Visiting Scholar) Status

The department may request independent scholar status for qualified individuals not associated with the University who will be in the vicinity for an extended period of time. Independent scholars have faculty library privileges and may apply for access to the computer center (including e-mail service), recreational services, and parking privileges. The department must specify the term of the appointment (one year or less). The DEO or a faculty member explicitly named in the request serves as the sponsor.

The DEO writes to their Area Associate Dean to request that independent scholar status be conferred, enclosing a curriculum vitae or other information verifying the qualifications of the individual for faculty-like privileges. The letter must specify the length of time for which this independent scholar status is requested––up to one year can be requested at a time.  Upon approval by the Area Associate Dean, the departmental administrator will process an appointment in the P & S complimentary appointment menu in the HR Transaction system for an FV52 Visiting Scholar.  The administrator will attach an offer letter and CV into the Workflow form.  This process will allow the Visiting Scholar to obtain a HawkID and give him/her the ability to get an ID card for the library, parking privileges, etc.

Health Insurance for Visiting Scholars on J–1 Visas

Visiting scholars on J–1 visas must have health insurance coverage that meets federal criteria. These scholars are notified that they are to check in at the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) upon arrival on campus. If the scholar does not have adequate coverage, OISS provides information about available health insurance plans and the costs of those plans.

If the exchange scholar is receiving compensation from the University during his or her stay, the College purchases coverage from among the health care plans currently offered to faculty and staff. If the exchange scholar is not compensated by the University, either the department or the visiting scholar must purchase coverage under an external plan or a University-sponsored plan.