Helpful Resources for Teaching Rhetoric

Emergency Protocol

Visual Rhetoric (Purdue OWL)
More greatness from the best online writing lab: "These resources will help students and teachers better understand the use of visual elements for rhetorical purposes."

Writing About Film (Dartmouth)
Helpful film analysis tips & a glossary of terms. The most relevant sections for our purposes are "The Challenges of Writing About Film" & "The Elements of Composition."

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
Visual literacy and ways of conveying ideas graphically. Cool.

The Ad Council
Public service announcements on social issues.

Composition & the Elements of Visual Design
A vocabulary for talking about visuals: line, shape, form, color, texture, balance, the rule of thirds...

Visual rhetorics: 100 years of cereal advertising
This slide show of cereal ads is a great demonstration of the importance of context.

Vintage ads
A treasure-trove of past advertising, both charming and horrifying.