Spring 2022 Scholarship Recipients

May 27, 2022

Geographical And Sustainability Sciences 2021-2022 Scholarships & Recipients

Chad E. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Donor Intent: Support a promising third-year or fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies in the Department of Geography.

  • Greta Mally
  • Emma Berger

Nicholas L. Paape Memorial Scholarship

Donor Intent: Support one or more annual scholarships to deserving students in the Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences and pursuing a major in Geographic Information Science.

  • Kaleb Streepy-Wheeler
  • Angelina Evans

Harold H. McCarty Memorial Fund

Donor intent: Provide financial aid for promising students to pursue studies in geography.

  • Emmeline Kraus
  • Haley Russell

Andrea Hauer and David Perret Student Success Fund

Donor intent: Provide impactful support for deserving students enrolled in the Department of Geographical & Sustainability Sciences who demonstrate merit and are in good academic standing.

  • LilliAnna Scott
  • Gabrielle Healy

Professor Gerry Rushton Academic Excellence Fund

Donor intent: Facilitate student and faculty development and, thus, to build on the department’s reputation for excellence on campus and in the discipline of Geography.

  • Mallory Stolt
  • Graham Sandersfeld
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