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GIS Research Lab

The GIS Research Lab provides GIS processing and computing capabilities with a range of software and hardware necessary for high-end GIS research. There are currently 4 machines available in the lab with Intel i-Series or Core 2 Duo processors.

GIS Lab Access Request Form
Please note that it may take a few days to be granted access and you will NOT be notified. Plan accordingly. Please use your FULL name. 

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Remote Sensing Lab & Advanced Geoinformatics Lab

The Remote Sensing Research Lab provides high-end computing and storage for image processing and analyses. The lab contains 5 dual processor machines each with 1.5 Tb of storage space. Additional network available Raid 5 storage of 2.25 Tb is available.

Geographical Information Systems Instructional Lab (GISIL)  243 JH

The Geographical Information Systems Instructional Lab (GISIL) is a state-of-the-art, 29-seat, computer lab used to teach GIS, cartography and remote sensing. The laboratory is currently equipped with Dell OptiPlex 9020 Core i7 computers and two i7 Apple iMacs.  GISILalso hosts instructional support technology and an array of special purpose peripherals and software (e.g., ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine 2014, large format printers, GPS units, etc.).  The GISIL also supports field‐based educational activities using mobile GIS software and hardware, wireless communication networks, LiDAR 3D Terrain modeling, R/C unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with mounted camera, and global positioning system technology. These technologies are used to collect, edit and analyze data in the field, and are essential resources for both GISci and physical geography courses.  The lab is also used for trainings in the realm of GIS, and to host visiting students who are considering a future at The University of Iowa. The  Opportunity at Iowa program  regularly brings high-school students in to look at the campus and the available facilities.

  • Laboratory TAs are on duty during all of the scheduled operational hours and course TAs monitor those times when classes meet in the lab.
  • Please read the Guidelines for Behavior in the GISL.
  • Failure to follow the rules can get your account deactivated for use in the lab

Access the GISIL schedule and other lab details.