Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As Geography faculty, students and staff, we recognize that historical and contemporary inequities exist due to institutionalized racism, sexism, ableism and other forms of structural discrimination. Assumptions of meritocracy in academia disregard advantage and disadvantage that exist both societally and across the university.

Acknowledging privilege accepts that societal social stratification requires some to navigate more barriers than others to attain the same levels of success. Realizing equity, respect, and inclusion requires examining unrecognized obstacles and implementing mechanisms for their removal. We must scrutinize departmental and university systems to create new structures that are inclusive, equitable, and non-discriminatory. 

As such, we are critically examining ourselves, our teaching, and mentoring. This includes revising procedures (e.g., advising, graduate admissions, performance reviews) toward building a more inclusive departmental culture and curriculum. We seek continuous improvement toward a supportive environment that helps us all better understand how our place in the world is shaped by both individual effort and larger political, economic, and environmental forces, and how our agency and actions in the world matter in meaningful ways.

Addressing inequities, lack of inclusiveness and absence of diversity will take collective and long-term action and investment of time and resources, to which we are committed. We hope you will join us in this undertaking. Ongoing activities and processes are outlined in the links on the left. We gladly welcome your feedback about diversity, equity and inclusion considerations for the major, in the courses that you take and in your interactions with us.

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