Reservation and Equipment Check-Out Instructions

To reserve and check out equipment, visit:  You must have a valid University of Iowa student ID card and an appointment scheduled to checkout!

Login to view the production equipment that is assigned to your specific course.

1. Reserve equipment anytime at

2. Pick up reservations between 1:00pm–4:30pm every afternoon, by appointment only.  
You must schedule your appointment here.

3. Reservations without an appointment for pickup scheduled up by 4:00pm will be cancelled and the equipment may be checked out to other students.

4. All items are due back before 12:00pm on the due date. Equipment is due in 2 days, with the exception of weekends, when items are due back on the following Monday.

5. There will be a fine for equipment returned late, accruing at $15 per day for ALL students. Late fees continue to accrue on weekends and University Holidays. 
A late fee will also be assessed for any “abandoned” equipment returned by another student or faculty member.  
Prevent late fees by contacting checkout staff BEFORE equipment is due.

6. You may get one extension on checked out items if available.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that everything listed on the contract is included and in working order before signing the contract. Anything found missing or damaged upon return will be charged to your U-Bill, including applicable insurance deductibles.

8. Lost Key - The replacement cost for re-keying doors and replacement keys estimated at $150 per door and $5.55 per key for each course assigned specified rooms.

9. Please reserve only the equipment that you plan on actually using.

10. If you are unable to pick up your reserved equipment, cancel the order and make one for another day.

11. Please reserve the same equipment number for all items when possible: Camera #1, Tripod #1, H4n #1, etc.

12. In the event equipment is stolen or damaged, you must obtain a police report, if possible, in order for the University to pursue an insurance claim.

13. Only one camera per student without written consent from instructor.


15. Any use of University of Iowa equipment for purposes other than those relating directly to coursework is strictly prohibited.  Students in violation of this policy will permanently lose access to Production Unit equipment. Any abuse of the equipment and/or system will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

With questions contact:

Nikki Linderholm, Checkout Manager at 319-335-0586

or Equipment Checkout at 319-335-0587