B.A. in Geography

All majors must complete the following courses. No class may be used toward more than one requirement.

One of these:

GEOG:1010 (044:001) Introduction to Human Geography 3 s.h.
GEOG:1090 (044:010) Globalization and Geographic Diversity 3 s.h.

All of these:

GEOG:1020 (044:003) The Global Environment 3 s.h.
GEOG:1021 (044:004) The Global Environment Lab 1 s.h.
GEOG:1050 (044:005) Foundations of GIS 3 s.h.

One of these, in addition to any course required to fulfill a track requirement:

GEOG:1060 (044:060) Geography of Asia: From Japan to Pakistan 3 s.h.
GEOG:1070 (044:019) Contemporary Environmental Issues 3 s.h.
GEOG:1090 (044:010) Globalization and Geographic Diversity (if not chosen above) 3 s.h.
GEOG:2110 (044:011) Population Geography 3 s.h.
GEOG:2130 (044:055) World Cities 3 s.h.
GEOG:2910 (044:030) The Global Economy 3 s.h.
GEOG:2950 (044:088) Environmental Conservation 3 s.h.

One of these (not required for GISci track students):

GEOG:3340 (044:179) Ecosystem Services: Human Dependence on Natural Systems 3 s.h.
GEOG:3500 (044:105) Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing 3 s.h.
GEOG:3520 (044:110) GIS for Environmental Studies 3 s.h.
GEOG:3540 (044:109) Introduction to Geographic Visualization 3 s.h.
GEOG:3560 (044:130) Spatial Analyses of Wind Energy 3 s.h.
GEOG:3570 (044:146) Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR): Principles and Applications 3 s.h.
GEOG:4010 (044:180) Field Methods in Physical Geography 3 s.h.
GEOG:4020 (044:181) Field Methods: Mapping and Mobile Computing 3 s.h.
GEOG:4150 (044:137) Health and Environment: GIS Applications 3 s.h.
GEOG:4650 (044:142) Simulation in Environmental Geography 3 s.h.
GEOG:5129 (044:140) Information Systems for Resource Management 3 s.h.

One of these:

GEOG:4030 (044:150) Senior Project Seminar 3 s.h.
GEOG:4990 (044:151) Senior Thesis 3 s.h.
GEOG:4995 (044:199) Honors Thesis arr.


Statistics for the Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts students must complete a minimum of 3 s.h. in statistics by taking one of the following courses or a statistics course equivalent to or numbered above one of these:

PSQF:4143 (07P:143)/STAT:4143 (22S:102) Introduction to Statistical Methods3 s.h.

STAT:1020 (22S:025)/PSQF:1020 (07P:025) Elementary Statistics and Inference3 s.h.

STAT:1030 (22S:008) Statistics for Business4 s.h.

STAT:2010 (22S:030) Statistical Methods and Computing3 s.h.

STAT:2020 (22S:039) Probability and Statistics for the Engineering and Physical Sciences3 s.h.

STAT:3510 (22S:101) Biostatistics3 s.h.


Track Requirements

In addition, all majors must complete one of the four programs of study described above under Health and Society, Environmental Studies, or Geographic Information Science (GISsci)  Students should pay close attention to prerequisites for the upper-level courses in each sequence so that they can develop and complete their programs in a timely fashion.

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