• Professor Eric Tate lectures to his class

    Welcome to Geographical and Sustainability Sciences (formerly, Geography)

    We live on a dynamic planet, one that is constantly changing in response to complex human and natural processes. Geographers study the interactions of people with each other and their environment to better understand these intricately related processes.

  • Austin Dunn, a senior Geography major

    Visions and Narratives of Subsistence Agriculture and Food Security in Malawi

    Austin Dunn, a recent graduate, spent 7 weeks in Malawi last summer gathering research for his International Studies Senior Project and volunteering with local non-profits. Austin will begin a year long internship in Malawi this fall.

  • Charles K. Huyck – Class of ’93

    Meet Charles K. Huyck – Class of ’93

    Alum Charles Huyck is a geographer specializing in the integration of advanced geospatial technologies and emergency management. As Executive Vice President of ImageCat, Inc., he oversees a team developing software tools and data processing algorithms for loss estimation and risk reduction. 

  • A view of the Old Capitol through LiDAR


    A remote sensing application of LiDAR, the use of reflected laser light, to map high resolution surfaces of the University of Iowa Old Capitol.  This technology will enable the creation of high resolution 3D maps of its intended targets.  Click here to see video.